Katrina and her mom have fostered many cats and kittens, including some special needs kittens with cerebella hypoplasia.
Katrina and her mom have fostered many cats and kittens, including some special needs kittens with cerebella hypoplasia.


Perhaps you’ve seen us? With our crates, supplies, colorful blankets and toys, and most notably, the beautiful cats and kittens at Petco and Petsmart on the weekends. Or, searching under bushes and behind buildings at all hours of the night, checking live traps that have been set for stray cats and kittens. Maybe you’ve even adopted a pet from us?

We are the Pet Paw-see, a group of individuals whose purpose is to find new homes for animals in need, and to educate people about the growing crisis of homeless pets. Many of us have performed these mercy missions for years: taking in other people’s cast-offs, spaying, neutering, and tending to other veterinary problems, then searching for hard-to-find, good forever homes…or as we call them, “furrever” homes.

We came to know each other through friends and family, and as our numbers grew, the Pet Paw-see was born. We keep strays and unwanted animals in our homes, pay for food out of our own pockets, spend time working on behavioral issues, and do the legwork to find new homes. Our main focus is on cats and kittens, simply because of the sheer number that are homeless. These animals come from many places; some are strays, while some come from people who no longer want their pets. Our members are all ages and backgrounds, with the common passion that no animal should be homeless.


We are a non-profit organization devoted to fostering discarded and homeless pets with the goal of re-homing them to their ‘furrever’ home. We accept pets that have strayed or been abandoned, as well those pets in need from individuals giving them up for a variety of reasons. Our fostered ‘furrever friends’ are examined and treated by our veterinarians, tested for existing disease and illness, vaccinated and spayed or neutered before placement. They are socially acclimated before re-homing.

We believe that somewhere, there is a home for every ‘furrever’ friend, and that we have a responsibility to place our ‘friends’ into homes that will best meet their physical and emotional needs. We look for ‘furrever’ families with patient and loving hearts, and an understanding of the pet’s mind.


Our organization encompasses a two-fold mission:

· To rescue and help our furry friends in need.

· To educate the public about basic, humane animal care.

Contact us:

PO Box 6491
Great Falls, MT 59406