How to adopt from the Pet Paw-see

Complete the Pet Paw-see matchmaking form

Within three days you will receive a phone interview.

There is a $80.00 adoption fee for our cats/kittens that have been spayed/neutered. If the cat/kitten has not been spayed/neutered the adoption fee is $50.00. We would ask that you make an appointment with your local veterinarian to have the pet spayed/neutered which would be your responsibility financially. We would then drop the animal off at the vet office on the morning of the appointment.

If for any reason the pet does not meet your expectations, the pet will be returned to the Pet Paw-see no questions asked. Your adoption fee will not be refunded.

If you are interested in becoming a “furrever” home for one of our friends please read the Adoption Policy and fill out the Adoption Application.

You can send the application to the Pet Paw-see at

P.O. Box 6491, Great Falls, MT 59406

or email it to

Cat Adoption Application

Adoption Policy (PDF)
Adoption Policy (DOC)

Adoption Contract