Febbie: Our Snow Angel

Febbie: Our Snow Angel

It was February 26, 2020, and Great Falls had just endured a string of snowy nights with lows in the teens when Febbie stumbled into someone’s garage in Woodland Estates, her innocent eyes pleading for help. The resident sprang into action and contacted Pet Paw-see for this petite tortie.

Febbie’s first stop was the vet, who estimated her age at one year old. She weighed in at only 3.5 pounds, on the brink of starvation, clearly having been outdoors on her own for quite a while, miraculously persisting through the winter and defying all odds. Febbie went to a foster home where she could begin regaining weight and reclaim her health. It was immediately evident from her sweet and loving nature that this gem had, at one time, been someone’s buddy.

Two months to the day after her rescue, Febbie found her happily ever after with Michelle where she lives a comfy life in the lap of luxury, no longer having to tiptoe the tightrope of survival.

Photo of Febbie in April 2020 at her foster home.

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