Holiday Giving Trees

Due to Covid-19, our Holiday Fundraisers have been very limited. In order to bring in some donations, we have decided to expand our Cat Angel Trees to a few different businesses around town. Normally we only have one at Petco, …

Febbie: Our Snow Angel

Febbie: Our Snow Angel

It was February 26, 2020, and Great Falls had just endured a string of snowy nights with lows in the teens when Febbie stumbled into someone’s garage in Woodland Estates, her innocent eyes pleading for help.

2019 Newsletter

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If you missed our year-end newsletter, you can read it here:

PPS Year End 2019 Newsletter Web

We Love Moms (and Dads)

Little Chris found his furrever home with new mom Indira.

For foster moms like Vicky, it is a little bittersweet to say goodbye to the sweet little feline they’ve cared for, but a happy moment knowing one more kitty is …

Our Kodak was Stolen

It is so sad that someone stole this little beauty from Petco. There are no surveillance cameras so the only way we may learn anything is if an individual sees this kitten and lets us know.


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