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We need safe and loving foster homes!

The Pet Paw-see does not have its own physical facility for housing our rescued felines. As a result, the cats reside in the PetSmart habitat, in boarding at vet offices or boarding facilities, or in one of our loving foster homes.

Boarding can get expensive and we take in many cats that cannot go into boarding or the habitat. In those cases, we rely on our dedicated foster homes. We try to reserve foster homes for cats with special needs; for example, pregnant cats or mommas with litters, litters of kittens with no momma (including bottle babies), cats recovering from surgeries or injuries, cats with medical issues (blindness, chronic medical issues that may require ongoing medication and management), cats who need help with socialization or identifying how to best help them acclimate into a fur-ever home (or what type of fur-ever home would be most appropriate for that cat).

Our foster families provide love and care for their foster felines, transport the cat(s) to medical appointments (Pet Paw-see covers the vet bills), take photos and video for use on social media to promote adoption of their fosters, and transport their fosters to and from our adopt-a-thons (usually held at PetSmart and Petco in Great Falls on Saturdays from 12 PM-3 PM).

Our foster families are the backbone of our organization. They allow us to help so many more cats in need than we would be able to otherwise, and they allow us to help the ones that are most in need—the sick, injured, and behaviourally challenged. Our foster families are truly heroes to these cats which society has otherwise turned a blind eye to.

There is one quote that perhaps sums of the spirit of fostering best of all: “Saving one cat will not change the world, but surely, for that one cat, their world will change forever.”


Why foster or adopt a pet?
Health benefits!

According to the Centers for Disease Control,
owning a pet can decrease:
🐾Blood pressure
🐾Cholesterol levels
🐾Trigliceride levels
🐾Feelings of loneliness

Pets are preventive and therapeutic
measures against everyday stress.

If you’d like to foster for the Pet Paw-see, please contact us!
Read about how fostering can make a difference here.
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