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🐾 Meet Gnocchi 🐾

Gnocchi, a 10-week-old flame point Siamese, is a little survivor with a heart as strong as her spirit. Found crying for help on a roof, this brave kitten faced unknown challenges before finding her way into …

Eris aka Tessa

🐾 Meet Eris, AKA Tessa! 🐾

Eris is a stunning five year old long-haired seal point Siamese cat with a touching story. She was adopted as a tiny kitten and brought so much joy to her first family. However, due

Calypso aka Gracie

🐾 Meet Calypso (aka Gracie) 🐾

Calypso is a beautiful, female, long-haired snowshoe Siamese cat with a story of resilience and hope. She was originally adopted as a tiny kitten but found herself back in our program through no fault …


🐾 Meet Peridot, a delightful brown tabby female kitten with a unique twist – her adorable bent ears, a gift from her Scottish Fold mom! Peridot is a gem among the rainbow kittens, born in May and named after beautiful …


🐾 Meet Nells, the enchanting Torbi lady in search of her forever home! 🏡

Nells is a resilient feline who has spent her first three years navigating the great outdoors. Now, she’s ready to transition into a loving indoor environment …


🐾 Meet Pinecone – Your New Furry Family Member! 🐾

Are you ready to open your heart and home to an extraordinary feline companion? Look no further than Pinecone, the one-year-old short-haired brown tabby with a heartwarming story. Pinecone’s journey …

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