Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge


We were called Wednesday evening to help a tame kitty that showed up in a feral colony asking for help. We named her Robylyn. Her guardian angel transported her to our Veterinarian Thursday morning. We received a message from Dr …


Miniature Kitten with a Big Personality

Shetland (aka BooBoo) was born in a horse barn along with her two sisters.  While her siblings, Clydesdale and Appaloosa, grew quickly, Shetland remained tiny. She was half their size. At eight-weeks-old, Shetland was


Daisy was brought into the arms of the Pet Paw-see from her pet parent. She had been a hand fed bottle baby. Unfortunately two days prior to contacting us, Daisy had stopped eating/drinking. She had no vaccinations nor was spayed. …


In the past two weeks we have had four beautiful lives touched by our program. This started with two cats hit by cars, Baylynn trying to survive in a trailer court and today, Tracy.

Tracy was found on a property …


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A kind and concerned person called us about an injured stray cat. The Good Samaritan took BayLynn to the vet and gave her over to Pet …

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