Prefers Home without Dogs


🐾 **Meet Apricat – The Charming Orange Tabby!** 🐾

Apricat’s journey began when he was discovered outside, bravely asking for food. Rescued by our caring team, he spent a considerable time with us before finding a loving home. Unfortunately, due …


🐾 Meet Panda, the enchanting black and white long-haired feline with a heart as big as her fur! 🖤⚪

Panda’s journey began when she was just a tiny kitten, adopted into a loving home where she filled their lives with …


🐾 Meet Nells, the enchanting Torbi lady in search of her forever home! 🏡

Nells is a resilient feline who has spent her first three years navigating the great outdoors. Now, she’s ready to transition into a loving indoor environment …

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