8 Ball

**Meet 8 Ball: Your New Best Friend**

8 Ball is a resilient and affectionate adult male cat with a heartwarming story. He was discovered outside during the harsh winter with a neck wound, bravely enduring the cold. A kind college student found him and took him in, but sadly couldn’t afford the care he needed.

Now, 8 Ball is under the loving care of a veterinary office where he’s receiving treatment. Though his neck wound is taking longer to heal than expected, 8 Ball remains an incredibly affectionate and loving companion. His gentle nature and loving personality have charmed everyone at the vet’s office.

8 Ball is a big love bug who adores cuddles and attention. He’s looking for a forever home where he can shower his new family with love and receive the care he deserves. If you’re looking for a sweet and resilient companion, 8 Ball is the perfect addition to your family.

Contact us to meet 8 Ball and let him melt your heart!

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