Silver Lining

Alex is a love bug who adores sitting in laps. She takes her job as a lap cat seriously. She is initially very shy with new people and other cats. Alex loves playing and snuggling with the other cat in her foster home. She is not afraid of dogs. Her favorite perch is up as high as she can get. She is an expert jumper when playing. Adopted 12.20.19

Original bio from 2018: I am the only GIRL of my kindle of kittens. I am really cute with my cream spots above my eye and on the tip of my tail. I like being petted and playing with my brothers Taylor, Tony and Riley.  I am a sweet girl with lots of love to give. I look like my mama Violet because I am also a dilute calico. Some would say I’m mostly gray, but I say silver!

Such interesting markings on beautiful Alex!
Hurray for Alex, she found her new Daddy. Thank you Thomas for adopting this sweet girl.

These are my baby pictures. Aren’t I just the CUTEST little thing?

Pet Details

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