🐾 Meet Alzaia – A Gentle Soul in Need of Love 🐾

Alzaia, a stunning young adult female tortoiseshell cat, has a story of resilience and hope. Found outside, she bravely asked for help, and now she’s on a journey to rebuild trust in humans. Currently residing at the Best Friends Veterinary Clinic, Alzaia will be ready to find her forever home once her ringworm is cured.

This beautiful tortoiseshell is a bit timid as she navigates her way back to a life filled with love and care. Patience and understanding are key to helping Alzaia blossom into the confident and affectionate cat she’s destined to be.

Alzaia’s past interactions with dogs are unknown. A calm, quiet household would be the perfect setting for Alzaia to feel secure and cherished.

If you’re ready to open your heart to a feline friend who’s in need of a second chance, Alzaia might be the perfect match for you. Contact us if you’re interested in Alzaia and witness the transformation of this timid beauty into a loving companion. Let’s give Alzaia the forever home she deserves! 🏡❤️

Alzaia is currently at Best Friends for ringworm treatment.


Pet Details

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