Amelia was adopted from the Pet Paw-see in 2015 but has been returned due to a change in her living situation. She is six years old. She is the biggest sweetheart with those big eyes and soft fur. She loves being petted and scratched and enjoys being brushed. She is a talker and loves to be near her human, definitely having a conversation with you. She enjoys curling up near a window to bask in the sun and to bird watch and chatter at them. She also has a frisky side to play and enjoys chasing her tail, a shoe string on a stick, and a laser pointer. She will curl up with you each and every night, sleeping at your feet or snuggled up to you when it’s cold. She does have a timid side and will prefer to hide if there is a storm, fireworks or company over. She has never been outside. She would do best in a home that is quiet without any other pets or small children. Older children may be OK if they are calm and respectful of her space and boundaries.





If you decide Amelia is the one for you, here are a few helpful hints to help you hit it off on the right foot with her:





She does not like covered litterboxes.





She likes to get canned cat food first thing in the morning for breakfast with dry food left out for her to graze through the day.





She loves her “YumYums”– the purée cat treats from Petco (brand Whole Hearted tuna or chicken). She’s not a fan of crunchy treats.



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