🐾 **Meet Apricat – The Charming Orange Tabby!** 🐾

Apricat’s journey began when he was discovered outside, bravely asking for food. Rescued by our caring team, he spent a considerable time with us before finding a loving home. Unfortunately, due to his owner’s health issues, Apricat is back with us, patiently waiting for his forever family.

This handsome orange tabby is the epitome of affection. His warm and friendly nature will melt your heart, and he’s not shy about showing his love. Apricat has a unique skill – he can walk on a leash! Imagine the joy of taking leisurely strolls with this charming feline by your side.

While Apricat adores human companionship, he prefers to be the sole furry friend in the household. Other cats and dogs might not be his cup of tea, but with your undivided attention, he promises to be the most loyal and devoted companion.

Currently in boarding, Apricat eagerly awaits the chance to bring joy and companionship to a new home. Could you be the one to open your heart and home to this delightful orange tabby? Adopt Apricat, and let the journey of love and happiness begin! 🧡🏡 #AdoptDontShop #TabbyLove

Apricat had a skin infection that necessitated that he be shaved. He’ll grow out his beautiful coat soon! Pictured on February 17, 2024.
Apricat at Petco September 2021
Apricat in September 2021

Pet Details

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