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Arabella means “Answered Prayer” in Latin

This poor girl was stuck in a heating vent after her family moved and couldn’t find her before they left.

🐱 ORIGINAL POST on our Facebook page June 7, 2021: Scary situation this morning. This kitty was found stuck in the air duct of a home that had been vacant for 6 weeks. They had to cut a hole in the wall to get her out. It is not the previous homeowners cat and not the new homeowners cat, no one knows how the kitty got there. She was immediately rushed to Big Sky Animal Medical Center. She is on an IV and they are running tests to determine what needs to be done. She does not have a microchip. Please pray for this kitty to pull through. She can’t even lift her head and is in extremely rough shape.
Thank you to the Dahlquist Realtor who reached out to us for help.
Scroll down for all the updates.

🐱 UPDATE 06/07/21: We received a call from the previous homeowners and it was in fact their cat. Originally, we were told it wasn’t. The cat is about 10 years old and Pet Paw-See will be taking over her care. If she pulls through, she will be available for adoption. The vet cleaned her eyes and she is perking up a bit with the IV and she is in a heated kennel. They are trying to get her stable, the next step will be getting her to eat.

🐱 UPDATE 06/08/21: Wonderful news! She is doing much better and is eating, drinking and using the litter box. She is off her IV and her blood work has improved substantially since doing the fluid therapy. She is even purring! She is still very weak but will be going to her foster home tonight where they can continue to monitor her closely. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!
🐱 UPDATE 06/09/21: She is getting stronger and has come so far in a matter of a couple days. It’s crazy how resilient cats can be! She has been extremely loving and sweet in her foster home. Just wants to be loved ♥️

ADOPTED 8/7/21!


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