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I want to love you!

UPDATE 5.28.17 Aster is doing great with her new foster Mom today! After a day of getting used to being in new surroundings, she approached her foster Mom and started nudging and purring and eventually was in her lap purring up a storm. Aster is one of those cats that becomes very fearful in a vet office, so she was acting very “feral” in that situation. Now she is showing her true self. We’ll keep you posted.

Foster homes can make all the difference. Will you consider fostering a cat or kitten in need? Read more about Aster here.

UPDATE 5.27.17: Aster is going into a loving foster home today. Now she can start to learn to trust again.

I’m very scared because my person left me and I’ve been staying at a vet clinic while waiting for my new home. A nice lady came and took my picture, and even though I was scared, I let her pet me a little. It felt GOOD! I let her pet me so more and I almost forgot to be scared because I rolled around and even let her touch my tummy. After a while, I got nervous again and though I want to be nice, I just couldn’t help hissing a little. I’m sorry! I really miss having someone nice to pet me.

DSH,  black/white tuxedo,  Female spayed,  Adult


This is the picture of me when I was scared:

Black & White Female Cat



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