Ba-bomb’s foster mom wrote her bio: Ba-bomb is my little sweet lady. She struggled to gain weight when she was young and I swear all her spare energy went into growing her eyeballs! She’s very petite but doing much better and growing steadily. She’s got a shy, loving personality and loves to cuddle and curl up to your neck.  She looks at you with those big, sad eyes and how could you say no to cuddles whenever she demands them? She loves to play now, too, and to sit and watch the birds out the window. Silliest of all, she insists on sitting on the side of the tub whenever I shower and keeps an eye on me. She’s a quiet kitty and would probably do best in a mellower household. Adopted March 2, 2020!

July 15, 2019


Here’s another picture of me on July 13, 2019.
My picture from late May 2019.

Pet Details

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