🐾 Meet Gladys, the Fluffy Gray Cuddle Queen! 🐱

Gladys is a one-of-a-kind kitten looking for her forever home at Great Falls PetSmart. This little furball is not your average cuddler; she’s an *aggressive cuddler* who’ll steal your heart with her in-your-face affection! 💕

Gladys is a people-loving kitty who adores company. She’ll be your shadow, following you around and making sure you’re never lonely. But that’s not all – she’s a fitness enthusiast too! She’s absolutely smitten with the cat wheel and will provide endless entertainment as she spins and twirls to her heart’s content. 🐾🌀

Now, a special note about Gladys’ adoption: For her safety and the well-being of any potential adopters, we are looking for families with children aged six and older. This ensures a safe and happy home for both Gladys and your little ones.

If you’re ready to welcome Gladys into your life, visit Great Falls PetSmart today and experience the joy of having this cuddle bug as your feline companion! 🏡❤️

Pet Details

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