Meet Vernon, a fluffy gray kitten with a heart full of love. Vernon, or Vernetta (she got an updated name once we knew her gender), is a sweet and affectionate girl who adores human companionship. She’s always up for playtime, exploring all sorts of toys with boundless curiosity.

This resilient kitty recently faced a health scare when she tried to nibble on the wire string of a cat toy, but rest assured, she’s back to her vibrant self now, ready to bring joy into your home. Vernetta is an outgoing soul who finds endless amusement in the cat wheel.

Currently, you can find Vernetta at Great Falls PetSmart, where she’s patiently waiting for the right family to adopt her. Please note that for the safety of both Vernetta and any potential child in the family, we kindly ask that families with children under the age of six consider other furry companions. Vernon is ready to become the purrfect addition to a loving home where she can thrive and share her affection with her new family.

Pet Details

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