Baby Black

A rescue that began in 2017

I have not had an easy time since my rescue in 2017. I was born outside in Sun Prairie. A family fed me and showed me that people can be trusted, but I was never spayed. So, I gave birth to three kittens, Benjamin Buttons, Micky and Minnie. When they were about 3 weeks old I became very ill and could no longer feed my babies. I was surrendered to the Pet Paw-see. They provided medical care for me and my babies went into foster care.

With my life starting outdoors as a “semi-feral” cat, I’ve always had trust issues with people. I did not show well at Pet Paw-see adoption events and eventually it was just too hard for me and I acted out, making it difficult for people to handle me. Eventually, the owner of F&L where I was living agreed to adopt me. I’ve been living here for three years. I get some time out of my cage during the day, but my own home would be so nice!

F&L is under new ownership and now the Pet Paw-see would like to find me a forever home. I still have “trust issues” but I will try very hard to fit in to your life so I can have a chance to be in a real forever home. I need a very special person or persons who will give me space and time to trust. Please consider me!

Adopted 12.5.2020

Baby Black in November 2017
Black Long Haired Cat
My first Pet Paw-see photo from May 2017.

Pet Details

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