Batman Seeking his Cat Woman (…or Man)

Why, hello there. Just look at my handsome face and you’ll understand why they call me Batman, with my black mask and piercing green eyes sure to stop any criminal in their tracks. Once you spend a few minutes with me though you’ll realize that the tough guy image is largely just a facade. Deep down I’m a big softie (literally AND figuratively!) who REALLY enjoys a bowl of food, some toys to chase, and loving hands to pet me. I also like to wrestle and play with my sidekick Tellie too. Gotta keep those superhero reflexes tuned up somehow!
My life before the Pet Paw-see was a bit tumultuous. Passed between two families, a stint of living outside, and a tail injury incurred while protecting the city of Great Falls from evil villains. I guess what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger though! So now, I’m throwing up my bat signal for a stable indoor home and a family to love me for life. I’m otherwise not too picky about what my future bat cave entails. Heck, if you already have some other pets, we could start our own Justice League!
To quote my namesake, “A hero can be anyone”…even a human doing something as simple and reassuring as adopting a sweet cat who’s down on his luck. So whaddya say? Be my hero?

I’m at Petsmart!

Batman has a wound on his tail that is now healing. Injuries like this are common when cats are allowed to go outdoors.

Pet Details

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