Introducing Bean, the one-eyed wonder and our beloved pocket panther! 🐾

Bean’s journey began as a tiny, tiny kitten, found with an injured eye that ultimately led to him having just one eye. But don’t let that fool you; Bean’s spirit is as fierce as any jungle cat. His unique appearance adds to his charm, earning him the affectionate nickname of “pocket panther.”

This little adventurer is always ready for playtime, and his boundless energy makes every moment with him an exciting escapade. Bean’s playful antics are sure to bring laughter and joy into your home.

Despite his playful nature, Bean has a heart full of love to give. He thrives on affection and will gladly snuggle up with you for some quality cuddle time. His gentle side shines through as he purrs contentedly in your company.

For Bean’s safety and the well-being of any potential playmates, we recommend that there be no children under the age of six in his new home. With your love and care, Bean is sure to be the perfect feline

Pet Details

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