Black kitten

Another of the kittens abandoned in the plastic tote on McIver Road. Now on the road to a better future.

UPDATE November 2017 by Berlioz’ foster mom:

Berlioz is a wild man! He is full of energy and almost always on the go when he gets out of his cage at Petco. He loves to run around with his sister, or go behind the cages so he can cause mischief without getting caught! He loves to bring toys back behind there and climb the backs of the cages to see and play with the other kitties. He also likes to play with the feather toy on a string, but his favorite thing to do is to grab the feather part and try to run off with it, and he pulls on it as hard as he can, using his entire body to try and get it away. And if it does come off the string, he runs off with it as fast as he can before we can get it from him. He really is a crazy wild man! He does like to be petted and cuddle, but only when he is tired, so only on his terms. If you try to hold and love on him when he doesn’t want it, he will let you know.

He would do well with other cats who like to play, and I think he would be fine with older kids and dogs. Young kids may not be the best fit for him since he is so active and playful.

Black kitten

black kitten
My baby picture!

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