Big Guy

The Power of Positive Thinking

This adult intact male was abandoned when a family moved away. Thankfully a neighbor noticed that this “big guy” was in need of help. He had a very large abscess on his front right leg and he hadn’t been neutered yet. The kind, good Samaritan took him in and gave us a call. Big Guy had surgeries to “fix” his un-neutered status, and to address the injury to his leg. We appreciate the kind woman who not only contacted us, but agreed to foster him since we didn’t have an available foster home for him.

Big Guy is FIV-positive, so there are some special considerations. Read why one veterinarian thinks FIV positive cats make great adoptees here.

From another website: 
All cats have unique, wonderful personalities. Cats with FIV are no exception. Since these cats are able to live long, healthy lives, there is no reason that they cannot be a part of someone’s family.
DSH, Black/White Tuxedo, Adult Neutered Male
Abandoned, FIV Positive

Pet Details

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