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Bijou, this beautiful little calico, was seen in an alley on the lower northside of Great Falls by one of our Pet Paw-see volunteers. Bijou immediately gobbled up some food that was given to her, but wouldn’t let her guardian angel come close. After another bowl of food, Bijou was trusting enough to allow herself to be picked up. She was thin but with good care she’s at a healthy weight now.

Bijou is a very affectionate and confident girl, but a bit of a diva. She doesn’t like the other cats in the habitat, so she might be best as the only cat in your home. If your cat is “super chill” it might work!

She’s currently at Petsmart if you’d like to meet her.

Here I am relaxing in the “living room” at Petsmart!
This picture shows Bijou’s beautiful calico coat. Photo taken 12.3.19.
An updated photo of Bijou from January 2022.

Pet Details

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