Like her “brother” Buster, Bitsy has some problems with her eyes. They both were being helped by a kind person who was trying to help several kittens born to feral cats. It was an overwhelming situation with many sick kittens. Rescuers stepped in to help but it was too late for one sibling who died on the way to the emergency vet. Bitsy and Buster have been cared for since they were just six weeks old, weighing just 1/2 pound when they should have been three times that. They’ve been nursed to better weight and given meds constantly to help with the eyes, but sadly there is still damage.

Their foster mom describes them: “They are now quite happy, spunky kittens despite their eye problems. Buster is a character!  Outgoing personality and loves my dog. He runs up to her and throws himself at her!  Bitsy is just as spunky but not so sure of the dog. Buster warms up fast and Bitsy is slower to warm up. At first Bitsy wouldn’t run. She would only walk around gingerly. That’s how we figured out her vision was limited. She would stick close to Buster. She has been quite dependent on him to help her with her sight.”

NOVEMBER 2, 2020: These two 5-month old bonded sibling cuties have some eye problems from having an infection that began a few weeks after birth. Tonight they are spending the night at the vet office for some tests on Buster’s eye tomorrow. Bitsy’s eyes have scarring which is causing limited vision. That will be looked at as well. Fingers crossed Buster will get to keep his eye!

Update December 27, 2020: Bitsy’s eye is so much better and the vet says her vision is good!

Buster and Bitsy adopted together February 18, 2021!

Dec 26 2020
November 2, 2020

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