Smitten by this Squitten

Bobo is a sweet, 12-year old “squitten.” This is a nickname for cats with the condition radial hypoplasia (underdeveloped radius bones) or foreleg micromelia (small forelegs) and related conditions known as radial aplasia (absent radius bones), radial agenesis (failure of radius bones to form) that produces stunted forelegs.

These cats often sit on their rump resembling a squirrel. Thus, squirrel + kitten = squitten.

Bobo and his three-legged sister Panther had been living in the same home for all their 12 years, but sadly their person has fallen on hard times and had to give them up.

Here is an article that explains more about this condition: What is Feline Radial Hypoplasia?

This page tells the story of a squitten named Little Buddy who lived to be 19 years old! Our Cat with Feline Radial Hypoplasia

Bobo is used to being with another cat and a gentle dog. Cats with this condition are helped by having carpets for traction.

Adopted May 29, 2021!

I’m a polydactyl on my back feet and have very cute toe beans.

Check out this video:

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