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Meet Buffy, the adorable black, short-haired kitten with a unique story. Buffy and her sisters were found outside in the scorching sun when someone was trying to give them away. Buffy, however, is FIV positive, which makes her a special kitty in need of a loving home.

This sweet girl may be a bit timid at first, but give her some time, and you’ll witness her transformation. Once she warms up to you, Buffy is a bundle of affection. She’s known for her delightful purrs and enjoys snuggling up with her trusted human. While she values her independence and personal space, Buffy also appreciates being in the same room as you, soaking in your company.

Currently in a foster home, Buffy is ready to find her forever family. To ensure her safety and well-being, we’re looking for a home without children under the age of six. If you’re ready to welcome this special, loving kitten into your life, Buffy will undoubtedly bring warmth and joy to your home.


FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) is an important topic for potential cat adopters to understand.  If you’re considering adopting a FIV positive cat or kitten, here’s what you need to know about FIV:

1. **What is FIV?**
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is similar to HIV in humans but affects only cats. It weakens a cat’s immune system over time, making them more susceptible to certain infections.

2. **How is it transmitted?**
FIV is usually spread through bite wounds, primarily during aggressive fights between cats. It is not easily transmitted through casual contact, such as grooming or sharing food bowls.

3. **FIV-positive cats can live fulfilling lives:** Cats with FIV can lead healthy, happy lives for many years. They require regular vet check-ups and a safe, indoor environment to minimize the risk of infection.

4. **Adopting an FIV-positive cat:**
– Consider your household: If you have other cats, it’s essential to ensure they are compatible or keep them separated.
– Consult with a veterinarian: Discuss the care and specific needs of an FIV-positive cat.
– Indoor-only life: FIV-positive cats should be kept indoors to reduce exposure to potential infections.

5. **Benefits of adopting an FIV-positive cat:**
– These cats are often overlooked, so you’re giving a loving home to a cat that might otherwise be euthanized.
– They can form strong bonds with their owners and be incredibly affectionate.

6. **Potential challenges:**
– Regular veterinary care is essential.
– Be prepared for occasional health issues, though many FIV-positive cats remain healthy for years.

7. **Educate yourself:** Research and learn more about FIV to provide the best care for your future furry friend.

Remember, adopting any cat, whether FIV-positive or not, is a rewarding experience. It’s essential to consider your lifestyle and the needs of your other pets when making this decision. If you have further questions or are interested in adopting an FIV-positive cat, please feel free to reach out to us.

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