🐾 Meet Caliente!

Caliente, a resilient young adult female cat, has triumphed over adversity and is ready to warm your heart with her incredible spirit. This brave feline survivor hails from Sun Prairie, where she endured the harsh conditions of a record-setting arctic week with temperatures plummeting to 30 below zero and beyond. Despite the challenges, Caliente has emerged as a true warrior. Caliente received the care she deserves for frostbite and a severe upper respiratory infection at our vet’s clinic.

Currently recovering in a loving foster home,  Her journey to recovery showcases her determination and strength. As she heals, we are getting to know this remarkable feline better.

At this time, we’re unsure about Caliente’s compatibility with other cats or dogs. However, we believe that with patience and love, she has the potential to adapt and form bonds with the right companions.

If you have a warm and caring home to offer, filled with love and understanding, Caliente might be the perfect addition to your family. Help us give this survivor the forever home she deserves!

To inquire about adopting Caliente, please contact us. Let’s make Caliente’s comeback story complete with a loving home and a family to call her own. 🏡💕

You can donate to her care. Please send your healing light and wishes to Caliente!


Pictures below are from most recent to the first shots of her from her rescue.

Getting better!
Two days after her rescue, her eyes are looking better.
Rescued on January 24, 2024
It’s not easy to open your eyes with all this goop. Poor kitty! But lucky to be rescued on January 24, 2024.



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