🐾 Meet Challenger 🚘  🐾

Challenger is a resilient brown tabby male kitten with a heart full of curiosity and a story of survival. He and his brother were discovered outside on a property that had once been a TNR project. While their origin remains a mystery, we suspect their mom may have been abandoned there.

In their foster home, Challenger and his brother are on a journey of transformation. They are learning the beautiful lessons of love, confidence, and security. Challenger, in particular, is blossoming into a charming and affectionate young feline.

For the safety and well-being of both Challenger and any potential adopters, we kindly request that families with children under the age of six consider other furry companions. This ensures a harmonious environment for everyone involved.

Challenger is ready to find his forever home, where he can continue his path of growth and exploration. If you’re looking for a loving and inquisitive feline companion, Challenger could be the perfect match for you. 🐱❤️ #AdoptChallenger #RescueKitten

Pet Details

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