🐾 Meet Cheetah, a charming Lynx Point Siamese mix kitten with a heartwarming story. Cheetah was discovered during a Simms football game, but her journey was just beginning. She’s a true survivor, though currently underweight and battling an upper respiratory infection.

Right now, Cheetah is in the capable hands of our veterinary partners, receiving the care she needs to get back on her paws. Once she’s feeling better, she’ll be placed with a loving foster family who will help us discover more about her unique personality.

It’s important to note that due to Cheetah’s specific needs and for the safety of both the kitten and any potential adopters, we kindly request that no families with children under the age of six apply to adopt her.

We’re committed to finding the perfect home for Cheetah where she can thrive and be cherished. Stay tuned for updates on this resilient little feline! 🐱❤️

Pet Details

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