Chesney is a very sweet but shy 12-year-old spayed female tabby. She came to Pet Paw-see when her human fell on hard times. He found himself living in his car with his three senior pets during a sub-zero cold snap with snow and many more frigid days to come in the forecast. Worried for the health and safety of his beloved pets, he made the heartbreaking, courageous, and very selfless decision to surrender his pets to where he knew they could be warm and safe.

We know this change is hard on Chesney and her dad, but we have high hopes that she will quickly find a new, loving home.

She is currently residing at F&L so please call us at 406-231-1132 if you would like to arrange a meet and greet.

Poor Chesney was scared when she first came to Pet Paw-see and trying to make sense of her new life.

Pet Details

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