Chilly’s life started with the Pet Paw-see one subzero day. Her guardian angel saw her alongside Manchester road.  She called and Chilly came to her.  Chilly was cold, injured and asking for help.  Chilly was taken to our vet and had surgery for multiple cat bite wounds. Chilly was tested for FIV/FELV and tested positive for FIV. She isn’t showing any symptoms and may not for years.

Chilly was obviously someone’s pet as she is extremely loving and confident.  If you are looking for a special new friend, please ask to meet Chilly.

Great NEWS: After not quite two weeks as January 2020’s Cat of the Month, Chilly was adopted on January 11, 2020!

Photo taken July 15, 2019.
Chilly’s picture from March 2019.
Chilly’s wounds are healing well.

Pet Details

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