The Eternal Optimist

At only 14 weeks old, I was outside trying to survive on my own when Pet Paw-see rescued me at the end of July 2020. I needed medical care for an abscess on my tail and I was beyond thankful to have a loving foster home to recover in. It’s tricky surviving the outdoors when you’re a lover and not a fighter! I’d much rather befriend everything and everyone than fight tooth and nail for my meals.

Now I’m warm and safe, spending my days lounging in the PetSmart habitat. I’m a very affectionate girl who is easygoing and still very much a kitten at heart.

I love to snuggle and I love to play with just about anything … a toy, a dust bunny, a scrap of paper on the floor … anything can be fun with a little imagination! I’m eager to please, quick to warm up to new people, and can be just the reminder you need to stop, smell the roses, and look at the bright side of life.

Although I am fond of the habitat and the kitty friends I’ve made here, I can’t help but think that there’s a little more to life somewhere out there waiting for me in my very own fur-ever home. So, if you’re looking for a ray of sunshine in your life, well, my friend, I’m it!

Adopted January 2, 2021

Cinder’s tail will heal now that the abscess has been treated.
This is an adventure!

Pet Details

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