Has winter gotten you down? Are you in need of a little excitement in your daily routine? I may have the answer to your doldrums.

Let me “spice” up your life a bit.! Like the Egyptian queen I was named after, I am a mysterious and stunning diva.   

The Pet Paw-see volunteers call me “Spicy” because of my queenly cattitude. Ok, so I don’t care for other cats and want to be the empress of my domain, but don’t hold that against me. What else would you expect from a gorgeous calico girl like yours truly! We calico ladies have a bit of a reputation for being prima donnas but please don’t let that stop you from asking to meet me. I LOVE people and promise if you adopt me I will give you my undivided love and affection for life. I am a gentle soul with a beautiful face and will work hard to keep your days spicy!


Here’s my backstory: Cleopatra is a beautiful DSH female calico who was found lying in the parking lot of Albertson’s on 10th Avenue. She was checked out by Big Sky Vet where they found no evidence of injuries, so she has been spayed and is ready for adoption! She’s estimated to be about a year old. She is a bit “spicy,” does not like dogs, and is very selective about which cats she chooses to tolerate, so she would probably prefer to be the queen of your house and be your one and only pet.

Cleo is currently residing in boarding so please call if you’d like to schedule a meet and greet!

Cleo during an adopt-a-thon.


Pet Details

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