Danté lived with a family but when they moved, Danté had to become an outdoor or shop cat. Danté kept leaving the new place to reappear at the old house.  This went on for approximately 18 months.  Finally after living in the neighborhood of the old house for a while, a family contacted us to help Danté.  We contacted the original family and they welcomed our help in getting Danté off the streets. Danté is a sweet boy who is very chill. If you are looking for a handsome fellow who must be kept indoors, Danté is the boy for you.

Danté is back with us again. He found a home with a family in Canada in September 2019, but sadly, his dental issues were too expensive for his people so they have returned Danté to us. We will take care of Danté’s dental work and he will be ready again for what we hope will be his TRUE FOREVER home.

Adopted 7.25.2020

Danté was rescued in January 2019.

Pet Details

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