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Devin, Bubzy, Twitch, and Peppi came from a property outside of Cascade, MT.  The property owner said “no way” a pregnant cat could have made it out to where they live. The poor cat had to have been dumped out there.

The mama cat had 4 kittens and they were living under a shed. At 6 weeks, the mom disappeared and never returned. The property owner said there are predators on the property, so they put the kittens in a shed and called Pet Paw-see.  They brought them in to town and dropped them off at our veterinarian.

Bubzy’s sibs Twitch and Peppi have been adopted together. Now, Devin and Bubzy are waiting for their forever homes.

Devin is growing up and has beautiful gold eyes now. He is a sweet and playful kitten still and would love to play and hang out with you.

Adopted 10.21.19!

Devin hanging out at Petsmart, May 2019.

Pet Details

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