Drei is a DSH black kitten approximately 4-5 weeks old as of 6/25/2021. He was surrendered to the vet when his owners did not want to pay the bill for his injuries. Although we do not know the details of what exactly happened to the little guy, he suffered head trauma (note the uneven pupils in the photo below) and a severely broken leg which necessitated amputation. Per the vet, he is a spirited little kitten who does not seem to be fazed by the fact he only has three legs now. The effects of the head trauma also seem to the improving. Drei will be in foster care while he fully recovers, so please call to schedule a meet and greet if you are interested!

Adopted 8/8/21!

Drei was in rough shape when he first came in to the vet.
Here I am after my amputation surgery! You can tell my head trauma is definitely improving because my pupils are now the same size!


Pet Details

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