Duchess is a very sweet and loving cat. She loves attention and to be petted, and she is generally pretty calm, but gets crazy/playful when there are mice catnip toys!.

Duchess came to us after being abandoned. She was found by a caring individual who saw her along McIver Road next to a Rubbermaid Roughneck container. Duchess was trying to open the sturdy container. When the Good Samaritan opened it, there were young kittens inside. Because of the 80-degree heat and lack of air in the container, two had already died. Duchess had valiantly been trying to get to her babies! She is a fantastic mother, caring for her surviving kittens, plus two more that were found the night after she was rescued with the kittens in the tote.

The Great Falls Tribune featured her story here. See a video with her kittens there, too.

Update November 2017 from her foster mom:

Duchess is the sweetest cat! Andrew and I both adore her and would take her home in a second if our foster dog got along with cats. She is a good mix of playful and loving. As soon as we show up at the Petco habitat she starts walking around in her cage and “talking” to us, impatiently waiting for us to let her out. She always wants pets and attention right away. She generally likes to be held and petted, and she nicely tells you when she has had enough. She would be great with kids. She loves to play with toys and in the cube and tube in the Petco habitat. She got along fine with our dogs when she was at our house, but she does seem to struggle to get along with other cats in the habitat, other than her own kittens Toulouse and Berlioz … she does fine with them. I think she would be ok with other pets with the proper introductions.

Duchess’ kittens were trapped in this container.
You can see how Duchess scratched at the container to try to get to her kittens!


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