“One person’s trash is someone else’s treasure.”  Hey!  I’m pretty sure they are talking about me.  I was about 8-10 weeks old when I was found in the trash.  You’ll never guess where.  Yep, Dutton Montana.

I’m a sweet orange kitten.  And I’m told that orange tabby boys grow up to the be the best, most loving cats.

I’m in a foster home learning to get along with dogs and other cats.  I can’t wait for a forever home of my very own where I will be someone’s treasure for the rest of my life.

I’m currently in a foster home so contact the Pet Paw-See if you’d like to meet me.  Keep on eye on their Facebook page to see when I might be at a Saturday adoption event.

Gentle reminder that it is Pet Paw-See policy that no kitten under the age of six months old is adopted to a family with children under the age of six years old. It’s for the safety of both the kitten and the children.

Pet Details

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