I was found in a feral cat colony by the colony caregivers.  They noticed that I was friendly and they noticed that I had a string around my neck.  They were able to confine me and get me to a vet.  The vet thinks that maybe I lived with a child who had tied the string around my neck as collar.  Not a good idea.

At my vet appointment, it was also noticed that I am blind.  My eyes look like I might have cataracts.  But I’m a tough cat and that won’t slow me down.  I’ve whiskers and ears and cat instincts.  I’d love to have a safe home where I can be warm and comfortable for the rest of my life.

I’m currently in a foster home so contact the Pet Paw-See if you would like to meet me.  Keep on eye on their Facebook page to see when I might be at a Saturday adoption event.

Pet Details

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