Enriquo (aka little Ricky) was found as a little fuzzy gray tabby kitten, along with his siblings, at the Airway Motel. In the beginning, while he and his brothers and sisters all lie in a kitten clump together, Enriquo tended to be the one in the back, too shy to make much eye contact. When the others were being lively, animated fur balls, Enriquo was often as active as a jar of mayonnaise. Sometimes he got into total kitten mode and tried to nurse on his blanket, kneading into the fabric with his eyes closed. He has now gained some confidence and trust and he is just a little sweetheart. He loves to follow you around and especially loves to help sweep! He purrs constantly and looks at you with loving eyes. He is just a darling little boy waiting for his forever home.

Pet Details

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