Meet Epiphany, a resilient and affectionate older kitten who, despite a tough start, exudes confidence and warmth. Epiphany, along with his brother, was discovered abandoned on rural property, showcasing his survival instincts.

Not easily startled, he’s a bit more laid-back than his sibling, enjoying the company of people, dogs, and fellow feline friends. Epiphany is a playful companion who thrives on being close to you, showing a keen interest in people food and a knack for stealing a bite whenever possible. While not a fan of cat treats, his heart points to finding a forever family, and he sports a distinctive black arrow at 2 o’clock, adding a touch of uniqueness.

Despite regular brushing, Epiphany maintains a delightfully messy appearance. Currently in foster care, he’s ready to bring joy and companionship to a home without children under six for the safety of both the kitten and the child.

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