🐾 Meet Franky! 🖤 This petite black beauty has quite the story to tell. Found outside on Christmas with her siblings and feral mom, Franky is a survivor with a heart full of love. Despite her tough start, she’s a small girl with a huge personality.

Franky is a playful spirit, always ready for some feline fun. Whether it’s chasing toys or pouncing on imaginary prey, she knows how to keep the excitement alive. However, don’t let her playful demeanor fool you – this little sweetheart has a soft side too. Franky absolutely adores cuddling on a warm lap, purring contentedly as she enjoys the comfort of your company.

In her foster home, Franky has shown her compatibility with other cats, forming friendships and sharing space peacefully. While she might be a bit hesitant around dogs initially, she warms up once she realizes they pose no threat. This adaptable girl is ready to find a forever home where she can thrive and share her affection.

Due to Franky’s history and for the safety of both the child and the kitten, we are looking for adopters without children under the age of six. If you have a loving heart and are ready to provide a secure and caring environment for Franky, consider bringing this delightful feline into your life. Contact us to meet Franky and witness the joy she can bring to your home! 🏡🐾

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