Hello, my name is Friedrich. I am almost 8 years old now. I enjoy lounging around all day and just sitting on soft blankets on a bed. I spend most of my time doing this, however, sometimes I like to walk around and stretch my legs. Sometimes if I am feeling playful, I like to play fetch with small tinsel balls, though I’ve gotten older that is becoming a rare occurrence.

If I get hungry, I will be sure to let you know, I like to talk.  My favorite food is the green bag of Purina Cat Chow for indoor cats. I also prefer fine cat sand over coarser cat sand, specifically the target brand with lavender scent. When it is time for bed, I like to lay down on you to get some love and affection. I like to lick fingers sometimes when I do this. I do enjoy a good belly rub occasionally and may want to play a little. I enjoy everyone who will pet or snuggle me, including kids, though I prefer to be the only pet and have all the attention for myself.

ADOPTED 1/12/22!

This is my baby picture from 2013.

Pet Details

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