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Garfield and Orlando: The Dynamic Duo

ADOPTED 2.1.2020!

When we were found in September 2019, we were only about three weeks old…tiny little babies–all alone, scared, and unable to fend for ourselves. Luckily, Pet Paw-See came to the rescue and we were placed with a foster mom who bottle fed us into the amazing little brothers we are today. We sure are grateful for the special care, and all that extra TLC helped us become well-rounded kittens who love people and other cats!

We enjoy running, playing, and wrestling with each other—just like your typical boys. But, after we expend our energy entertaining you with our adorable kitten antics, we can be your couch potato duo! Need someone to binge-watch your favorite TV shows with? Garfield can be your binge-watching buddy! He is really good at protecting you from everything scary on the screen (OK….OK…really anything that MOVES on the screen!). Need someone to keep you warm during the frigid Montana winter? Orlando is your boy—he never passes up a good lap to curl up on for a cuddle!

Although we don’t have to be adopted together, we think it would be just purrfect to find a home together! Enduring our abandonment and growing up together has made us quite close. In fact, our foster mom reports that we have trouble falling asleep without each other. And really, who wants just one kitten when you can have double the fun! So come visit us at Petco to see for yourselves how wonderful we are…we are only kittens for a limited time so don’t let that time go to waste!

Garfield at Petsmart on January 4 2020.
Which is which??? You have to look VERY closely at the markings.







Photo taken late November 2019
Garfield in early October, 2019.

Pet Details

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