We received a call from a friend of the Pet Paw-see who found a cat in the barrow pit next to the highway near Belt. He was out walking his dog and saw a cat laying down. His dog is cat-friendly and she alerted him of this cat. The cat had a leg trap on his foot. He went back home which was approximately 1/2 a block and picked up welding gloves and a carrier. He went back to the cat and worked to get the trap off of the cats foot. It took a bit but he was successful. Once out the trap, the cat jetted forward a bit and laid down. He was able to put the cat in a carrier. He then called us. Yes….this poor cat had an old, rusted trap on his foot for approximately 2 days according to our veterinarian. This beautiful boy is a Manx and rubs against you for love.

UPDATE: Gary no longer has any toes. Due to the trap on the front of his foot, the circulation was compromised. He has been at the vet since Wednesday. He was taken into surgery and his foot was debrided .He is currently receiving wound care and bandage changes. I will be stopping to visit him today to see how the progress is going. As of Wednesday, Gary was still not bearing any weight on his foot. In spite of what Gary has endured, he is a big talker and wants nothing but love.

UPDATE 7.14.19 Gary is officially adopted!

Gary with his new “dad” on June 15, 2019. Gary now can put weight on his foot and is doing great.

Caution: These images are graphic as they depict the severe injury to Gary’s foot.

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