Gray Eagle

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I am a strikingly handsome male cat, there’s no denying that. I am admittedly though, not for the inexperienced or faint of heart. I do enjoy being petted and will rub against your legs and headbutt your hand to show my affection, but I am not the kind of guy that will cuddle with you throughout the night. Also, just to be clear, I do not want to share my human with another animal. I hope you don’t think this makes me a bad guy—I am far from it. It’s just that my life on the streets before Pet Paw-see was scary at times and taught me that not all humans and animals are kind, so hopefully, given my background, you can understand my reluctance to cuddling and other pets.

Therefore, I am seeking a special family that can not only respect my boundaries but also show me the love and affection I need to tease out the inner kitten that hides under my tough guy persona. That kitten is in there, I promise. It peeks through every now and again when I get into the catnip or have the opportunity to raid the cat toy drawer.

After my time on the streets, I would love to be out of my cage and into a home—maybe with a cat tree or cat tunnel I can retreat to when I need some alone time. Can you give me that special home? Can you be the Anastasia Steele to my Christian Grey and show me what it is to be loved? 


Gray Eagle

PS Just a little bit about my backstory: I was hanging around the Eagles Lodge. The folks there were concerned about me and asked for the Pet Paw-see’s help. I’m probably about 2 years old and I had already been neutered when I was found.

PS: Gray Eagle was adopted in February 2020 but is back with us because his people have allergies. You can meet this wonderful boy at Petsmart.

PPS: Adopted July 20, 2020!

Gray Eagle has a long tail!

Pet Details

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