Gorgeous Miss Greyson

My name is Greyson. I was originally adopted from the Pet Paw-see after being born under the deck at the Hideout Bar in 2016 so I am only about 5 years old. Through no fault of my own, I have been adopted, then returned multiple times! I am ready for my luck to change so I can have a forever home.

One of my previous people had me declawed, which the Pet Paw-see strongly discourages. It’s not just a removal of my nails but an amputation to my first joint. You can tell by my picture how my toes look a bit different. When I walk I can’t walk on my toes due to this procedure. If you are looking for a super sweet, petite girl, here I am!

Meet me at PetSmart!

Grey long haired cat
Here I am in October 2017.
My first Pet Paw-see picture was taken in December 2016 after I was rescued from the Hideout Bar.

Pet Details

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