Wow, I have had a rough life and I’m only about three years old.  I was found outside by a loving human who knew I deserved more than a life just trying to survive.  I wasn’t too sure about this indoor life at first.  It took me some time to realize that humans can be loving and safe.  I finally warmed up and they could see that I need veterinary help.  That’s when the Pet Paw-See stepped in.  I went to the vet where it was discovered that I had several broken teeth and had probably been in pain for quite some time.  After I recovered from my dental surgery and neuter, I was a much happier cat. I originally tested positive for FIV which is not uncommon for cats found roaming outside.  Luckily upon a recheck, I was negative.  Although FIV isn’t fatal, it still can have serious consequences.

I’m a big boy from years on the streets but I hope to be someone’s snuggle buddy.  I can keep you warm in the cold Montana winters.

I’m here to say “Please, please don’t just let your cats roam freely outside”.  I can tell you that it is a dangerous place out there and your beloved house pet deserves better than that.

I’m currently residing at the Great Falls PetCo so come on over and say “Hi”

Pet Details

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