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MVP Seeking His Own Special Family

Hello there! My name is Hauer. I first came to Pet Paw-see in May 2020 when I was found as a stray. I looked pretty rough around the edges back then—I was filthy and my long, soft, velvety fur was so matted that the vet had to shave me. Yes, imagine it…a shaved cat. I looked quite silly, but I’m sure any of you who received a DIY quarantine haircut can relate. Anyways, I didn’t let that get me down! I was so happy to be rescued and have a place to call my own, even if it was a cat habitat.

I was laid back, social, playful, and very sweet—all the ladies adored me. I also loved to show off my catching skills—throw it low, throw it high, throw it close or from far away and I will snag that toy out of the air like a Major League Baseball player!

Eventually I was adopted in August 2020. Me, going to my very own fur-ever home?! HOMERUN! Sadly though, old habits die hard and I was frequently meowing at the door trying to get outside. Yes, yes, I KNOW the outside is a VERY dangerous place for a kitty … it’s just hard to resist when you see all those birdies flying by that you could snag out of the air like a toy you’re catching. Long story short, I struck out and was returned to the Pet Paw-see to be re-homed to someone who could provide me with a catio so I can safely get a taste of the great outdoors.

Although I’m disappointed to have lost my home again, I’m ready to get back in the game and pretty stoked about the prospect of this catio everyone is chatting about! So what do you say? Are you TEAM HAUER?! Are you looking for a handsome, sweet, fun loving pal to share a catio with? I mean, summer is almost upon us so just imagine it … me, you, hanging in my catio taking catnaps and enjoying the breeze. I’ll even put my catching skills to good use and snag all the bugs before they can bother you. That sounds like a win-win situation for both of us!

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2021. Summer has past and we’re still trying to find a match for Hauer. He is currently in a foster home that has a catio. This boy will still try to get outside so we think it’s best that he be in a home that limits his ability to sneak out. (If you have more than one dog going in and out, Hauer will seize the opportunity to seek his freedom!) If you have one dog it might be workable. As far as other cats go, Hauer likes to be king of the hill, so as long as your cat(s) are not the dominant type, he might be fine with them. At his foster home, he’s not aggressive with the other cats, but he likes to sit and stare at them until he gets a reaction. OH Hauer! You are sure not making this adoption process easy for anyone! If other cats are laid back, he gets along great with them.

Despite all these challenges, if you are looking for a cat to keep you company, Hauer is your guy. He LOVES being with people.

Are you ready to go to bat for Hauer, welcoming him into your family? If so, please fill out an application! Then call 231-1132 to schedule a meet and greet because he is currently living in a foster home.

Halloween Hauer!
Hi there, I’m in my carrier ready to go home with you!



Hauer hanging out in his foster home.




Last year, a partially shaved Hauer showed off his prodigious catching skills in this video:


I’m waiting for you!
I have a beautiful coat!



Please please please let me out … I would love a catio!
Hauer’s original impound photo from May 2020. He was in pretty rough shape. Most of his body had to be shaved.

Pet Details

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